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The Restaurant

The old family home has been renovated and readapted to receive guests who wish to eat the most famous and renowned specialties of the Piacenza culinary tradition in a large and comfortable lounge.


What are we eating


At the Cà Sonino you can taste the best PDO cured meats such as Coppa, Pancetta and Salame, many small original delicacies such as appetizers, the famous Tortelli with braid made with fresh Ricotta and Herbs, Ravioli with donkey stew, a unique recipe handed down in the family, the Pisarei and Fasò literally dumplings with bean sauce that can't be missed! at Christmas instead, tradition imposes Anolini in broth and many other dishes... All rigorously made by us!
As main courses we offer braised donkey with polenta, pork knuckle cooked in a wood fired oven, donkey ribs and roast pork, guinea fowl, duck, minced donkey meat.... and so on and so forth!!
Even the desserts recall the traditional cuisine, such as the Torta Sbriciolona and others that always take inspiration from the seasons!


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